Our research combines the development of new quantum technologies with fundamental quantum experiments. The main activities of the group include quantum optical control of solid-state nano- and micro-mechanical devices, the exploration of their quantum properties for fundamental questions and novel applications, as well as micro-mechanical measurements of weak gravitational forces.


Open Positions

Are you interested in joining the Aspelmeyer Group? We welcome applications from both young and experienced researchers who share our enthusiasm and curiosity about exploring the foundations of physics!

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Latest News

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In this work, we show near field detection of the motion of a 150 nm silica particle (2 fg, 1e10 a.m.u.) levitated in an optical tweezer.


In this work we demonstrate the violation of a Bell inequality involving a massive, macroscopic mechanical system.


Die Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg wählt fünf neue Mitglieder.

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