Our Research

Our group explores the boundaries of quantum physics and gravity
from both an experimental and theoretical standpoint.

• Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Measurement
• Levitated Superconducting Gravimeters
• Precision Tests of Gravity with Microscopic Source Masses
• Quantum Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Quantum Physics


Open Positions

Interested applicants can contact Markus Aspelmeyer or one of the experiment leads.
Available positions:

• BSc positions
• MSc positions
• PhD positions
• PostDoc positions


Latest News


We demonstrate a new loading method that provides clean delivery and deterministic positioning of nanoparticles from atmospheric pressure into an...


We introduce an experimental method to generate center-of-mass superposition states at previously unattainable mass-, length- and time scales using...


We demonstrate high-Q levitation, readout and control of a 100 micrometer superconducting sphere at ultra-low vibration levels inside a dilution...


We re-analyze the generation of entanglement between two masses by gravity in the framework of linearized quantum general relativity. We show that...


We demonstrate that coherent control of light-induced dipole-dipole interactions between two levitated nanoparticles can lead to strong and tunable...


We demonstrate squeezing of light through mechanical interaction with a levitated nanoparticle at room temperature