Our Research

Our group explores the boundaries of quantum physics and gravity
from both an experimental and theoretical standpoint.

• Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Measurement
• Levitated Superconducting Gravimeters
• Precision Tests of Gravity with Microscopic Source Masses
• Quantum Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Quantum Physics


Open Positions

Interested applicants can contact Markus Aspelmeyer or one of the experiment leads.
Available positions:

• BSc positions
• MSc positions
• PhD positions
• PostDoc positions


Latest News


Glass nanoparticles show unexpected coupling when levitated with laser light


We demonstrate squeezing of light through mechanical interaction with a levitated nanoparticle at room temperature


The quantum trajectory of a silica particle trapped in an optical tweezer is measured and controlled in real time.


We show linear and quadratic gravitational coupling between two millimeter-sized, 90mg gold spheres.


We provide an argument to infer stationary entanglement between light and a mechanical oscillator by observing entanglement between temporally ordered...


Researchers at the Universities Vienna and Stuttgart have investigated a version of Maxwell’s demon embodied by a delayed feedback force acting on a...