Our Research

Our group explores the boundaries of quantum physics and gravity
from both an experimental and theoretical standpoint.

• Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Measurement
• Levitated Superconducting Gravimeters
• Precision Tests of Gravity with Microscopic Source Masses
• Quantum Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Quantum Physics


Open Positions

Interested applicants can contact Markus Aspelmeyer or one of the experiment leads.
Available positions:

• BSc positions
• MSc positions
• PhD positions
• PostDoc positions


Latest News

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We argue that the (linearized) gravitational field of a massive object in a quantum superposition has to exhibit genuine quantum features. More...


In this work, we show near field detection of the motion of a 150 nm silica particle (2 fg, 1e10 a.m.u.) levitated in an optical tweezer.


In this work we demonstrate the violation of a Bell inequality involving a massive, macroscopic mechanical system.


Die Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg wählt fünf neue Mitglieder.


A joint venture that grew out of the collaboration between Belfast (Theory), Zürich (BEC in cavity) and Vienna (Cavity Optomechanics).


Future communication networks will be increasingly based on the principles of quantum physics. The long-term vision is a “quantum internet” with...

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