Our research combines the development of new quantum technologies with fundamental quantum experiments. The main activities of the group include quantum optical control of solid-state nano- and micro-mechanical devices, the exploration of their quantum properties for fundamental questions and novel applications, as well as micro-mechanical measurements of weak gravitational forces.


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When a particle is completely isolated from its environment, the laws of quantum physics start to play a crucial role. One important requirement to...


We argue that the (linearized) gravitational field of a massive object in a quantum superposition has to exhibit genuine quantum features. More...


In this work, we show near field detection of the motion of a 150 nm silica particle (2 fg, 1e10 a.m.u.) levitated in an optical tweezer.


In this work we demonstrate the violation of a Bell inequality involving a massive, macroscopic mechanical system.


Die Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg wählt fünf neue Mitglieder.


A joint venture that grew out of the collaboration between Belfast (Theory), Zürich (BEC in cavity) and Vienna (Cavity Optomechanics).

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