PhD Theses

Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier, PhD Thesis Universität Wien (2017): Generation and Detection of Quantum Entanglement in Optomechanical Systems

Jonas Schmöle, PhD Thesis Universtät Wien (2017): Development of a micromechanical proof-of-principle experiment for measuring the gravitational force of milligram masses

Sebastian Hofer, PhD Thesis Universität Wien (2015): Quantum Control of Optomechanical Systems

Michael Vanner, PhD Thesis Universität Wien (2013): Continuous and Pulsed Cavity Quantum Optomechanics

Simon Gröblacher, PhD Thesis, Universität Wien (2010): Quantum opto-mechanics with micromirrors: combining nano-mechanics with quantum optics

Hannes Rene Böhm, PhD Thesis, Universität Wien (2007): Radiation Pressure Cooling of a Mechanical Oscillator

Master/Diploma Theses

Julian Fesel, Master Thesis, Universität Wien (2014): Position readout of an optically trapped nano sphere in a hollow core photonic crystal fiber as a step towards parametric feedback cooling

Ralf Riedinger, Master thesis, Universität Marburg/Universität Wien (2013): Optomechanical State Reconstruction and Optical Noise Reduction for Cavity Optomechanical Experiments

Uroš Delić, Master thesis, Universität Wien (2013): Optical readout and control of a levitated dielectric sphere inside a high-finesse cavity

David Grass, Master thesis, Universität Wien (2013): Optical Trapping and Transport of Nanoparticles with Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Jonas Schmöle, Master thesis, Universität Wien (2011): Towards magnetic levitation in optomechanics

Dilek Demir, Diploma thesis, Universität Wien (2011): A table-top demonstration of radiation pressure

Alexey Trubarov, Diploma thesis, Universität Wien (2010): Measurement of thermal bath of a harmonic oscillator

Katharina Gugler, Diploma thesis, Universität Wien (2008): Aufbau eines Faser-Interferometers zur Charakterisierung von mikromechanischen Spiegeln

Florian Blaser, Diploma thesis, Université de Neuchâtel (2008): Mechanical FEM Analysis and Optical Properties of micromirrors for radiation-pressure experiments