Our Research

Our group explores the boundaries of quantum physics and gravity
from both an experimental and theoretical standpoint.

• Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Measurement
• Levitated Superconducting Gravimeters
• Precision Tests of Gravity with Microscopic Source Masses
• Quantum Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Quantum Physics


Open Positions

Interested applicants can contact Markus Aspelmeyer or one of the experiment leads.
Available positions:

• BSc positions
• MSc positions
• PhD positions
• PostDoc positions


Latest News


Zwei Experimente unter der Leitung von Markus Arndt und Markus Aspelmeyer, beide renommierte Quantenphysiker der Universität Wien, zeigen erstmals die...


Quantum physicists at the University of Vienna present yet another example that fundamental research can create unexpected technological innovations....


Observing a physical quantity without disturbing it is a key capability for the control of individual quantum systems. Such back-action-evading or...


The coupling of a levitated massive particle and an optical cavity field promises access to a unique parameter regime both for macroscopic quantum...


One of the many counterintuitive and bizarre insights of quantum mechanics is that even in a vacuum - what many of us think of as an empty void - all...


An international collaboration of scientists in Austria and the US demonstrate a novel “crystalline coating” technique for producing low‐loss mirrors....