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Quantum behavior with a flash

Just as a camera flash illuminates unseen objects hidden in darkness, a sequence of laser pulses can be used to study the elusive quantum behavior of...


PhD Thesis prize by the EPS to Simon Gröblacher

Simon Gröblacher has been awarded with the 2011 PhD Thesis Prizes and Topics (Fundamental) for his work "Quantum opto-mechanics with micromirrors".


Best of NJP 2010: "Logical independence and quantum randomness"

The article 'Logical independence and quantum randomness' has been selected to appear in the New Journal of Physics (NJP) ‘Best of 2010’ collection....


"How long does a tuning fork ring?"

Researchers at the University of Vienna and Technical University Munich have solved a long-standing problem in the design of mechanical resonators:...


Simon Gröblacher & Thomas Juffmann receive the ESG-Nano-Prize on Nanosciences 2010

Mag. Simon Gröblacher & DI Thomas Juffmann (Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics & Quantum Information, Vienna University of Vienna) have been awarded...


APART fellowship has been awarded to Rainer Kaltenbaek

The Austrian Program for Advanced Research and Technology (APART) is a prestigious fellowship awarded by the Austrian Academy of Science to young...

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