The Boundary of Quantum Physics and Gravity

Our group focuses on the intersection of quantum physics and gravity
from both an experimental and theoretical standpoint.

• Quantum Optomechanics and Quantum Measurement
• Levitated Superconducting Gravimeters
• Precision Tests of Gravity with Microscopic Source Masses
• Quantum Tests of Gravity and Gravitational Quantum Physics


Open Positions

Interested applicants can contact Markus Aspelmeyer or one of the experiment leads. Available positions:

• BSc positions
• MSc positions
• PhD positions
• PostDoc positions


Latest News

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An international collaboration of scientists in Austria and the US demonstrate a novel “crystalline coating” technique for producing low‐loss mirrors....


Markus Aspelmeyer, Professor of Quantum Information on the Nanoscale at the University of Vienna, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical...


Simon Gröblacher's PhD Thesis "Quantum opto-mechanics with micromirrors" has been published in the Springer Thesis Series.

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