The main research objective of our group is to investigate quantum effects of nano- and microscale systems and their implications for the foundations and applications of quantum physics. Our goal is to gain access to a completely new parameter regime for experimental physics with respect to both size and complexity.


Feature: MIT Technology Review and "Spektrum der Wissenschaften".

Our latest arxiv paper on how to measure the gravitational field of millimetre-scale source masses is featured by MIT Technology Review and "Spektrum der Wissenschaften".


Gravitationswellen: Ein neues Fenster zum All

100 Jahre mussten vergehen, bis eine der wichtigsten Konsequenzen der Einsteinschen Theorie verifiziert werden konnte: Gravitationswellen. In ihrem Gastbeitrag erklären die Physiker der Universität Wien Peter Aichelburg und Piotr ChruĊ›ciel die Bedeutung dieser Entdeckung und Verbindungen zu Wien.


Mechanical Quanta See The Light

Interconnecting different quantum systems is important for future quantum computing architectures, but has proven difficult to achieve. Researchers from the TU Delft and the University of Vienna have now realized a first step towards a universal quantum link based on quantum-mechanical vibrations of a nanomechanical device.


ERC Consolidator Grant to Markus Aspelmeyer

Quantum Physicist Markus Aspelmeyer received an ERC Consolidator Grant.


Bringing bonded mirrors out of the laboratory and into the light

Quantum physicists at the University of Vienna present yet another example that fundamental research can create unexpected technological innovations. The start-up “Crystalline Mirror Solutions,” or CMS, is focused on the manufacturing of high-performance mirrors for optical precision measurement.


Latest publications 


A micromechanical proof-of-principle experiment for measuring the gravitational force of milligram masses
J. Schmöle, M. Dragosits, H. Hepach, M. Aspelmeyer

Class. Quantum Grav. 33, 125031 (2016)


Macroscopic quantum resonators (MAQRO): 2015 Update
R. Kaltenbaek, M. Aspelmeyer, P. F. Barkert et al.

EPJ Quantum Technology 3, 5 (2016)


Optical trapping and control of nanoparticles inside evacuated hollow core photonic crystal fibers
D. Grass, J. Fesel, S. G. Hofer, N. Kiesel, M. Aspelmeyer

arXiv:1603.09393 [physics.optics]


High-performance near- and mid-infrared crystalline coatings
G. D. Cole, W.Zhang, B. J. Bjork, D. Follman, P. Heu, C. Deutsch, L. Sonderhouse, J. Robinson, C. Franz, A. Alexandrovski, M. Notcutt, O. H. Heckl, J. Ye, M. Aspelmeyer

arXiv:1604.00065 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci]


Coherent cancellation of photothermal noise in GaAs/Al0.92Ga0.08As Bragg mirrors

T. Chalermsongsak, E. D Hall, G. D. Cole, D. Follman, F. Seifert, K. Arai, E. K Gustafson, J. R. Smith, M. Aspelmeyer and R. X. Adhikari

Metrologia, Volume 53, Number 2 (2016)


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